Manchester University Press

We have enjoyed working with Manchester University Press for many years creating numerous book covers for them. Founded in 1903, Manchester University Press is the third largest university press in England, publishing a diverse array of academic books in subjects ranging from history and literature to international law and economics. See more of our book cover design work at 

Studies in Imperialism

In addition to designing covers for one off titles, we have also created designs for forthcoming series titles and redesigned templates for existing series. Recently, we were commissioned to redesign the cover artwork and logo for ‘Studies in Imperialism’, one of MUP’s most prestigious and prolific series. The criteria we had to consider at the outset was the selection of  primary image to be used throughout the series, the space necessary for the varying lengths of title and subtitle, a clear way of differentiating each title and the challenge of making the series design a bit more contemporary without losing its traditional roots. Through a steady process of concept development we arrived at a clean, uncluttered solution using an authoritative bold sans serif typeface and striking image. A colour palette was implemented to define individual titles.

Human Remains and Violence

The brief for ‘Human Remains and Violence’, another series design completed recently, was to develop a cover design and branding incorporating an image or graphic which could then be applied across the whole series. The solution that we devised was to create an image of barbed wire – given the sensitive nature of the series this worked on multiple levels without being too explicit. The colour palette created is sharp and vibrant and easily differentiates individual titles.